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New seasonal menu - hunters meals

Živá hudba v Českej

Try new venison specialities - house-made venison ham, house-made venison sausage, venison medallions or burger with minced venison.

New: Chocolate porter 18%

Čokoládový porter

Come to FLAMM and enjoy our new Chocolate porter 18 % with it's malt body and chocolate tones in taste. It may warm you up and suprise with it's power and taste.

6.3.2020 - live music in Ceska hospoda

Živá hudba v Českej

Live music in Ceska hospoda.

20.3.2020 - live music in Ceska hospoda

Živá hudba v Českej

Live music in Ceska hospoda.

New: Vienna lager 13%

Dezerty a teplé nápoje

Come to Ceska hospoda and enjoy our new Vienna Lager.

Winter beer special

Tekvicový špeciál

Come a try our winter gingerbread special beer made of baked apples and oranges flavored with winter spices.

New desserts


Enjoy our new desserts and hot drinks.

Try 4 craft beers

5l párty súdok

Try four craft beers Dr. Flámm according your choose.

Flámm Great I

5l párty súdok

Warior FLÁMM is now in your service in great 750 ml bottle as well. Perfect for party or chill on sofa.

Flámm in 5l party barrel

5l párty súdok

Enjoy craft beer at home or at a party from 5l party barrel. No equipment needed, except glass.

Flámm in handy box

5l párty súdok

Take away craft beer in handy and ecological box. You can fill it with four bottles by to your choose. Perfect as a gift.

Flámmovica - beer spirit

5l párty súdok

Try original spirit made of our craft beer Flámm. We reccommed as a aperitif or as a gift. 350 ml or 700 ml bottles avaiable at the reception.

New Italian wines

Španielske víno

Trentino is famous region of Italy not only for Dolomites, but for its wines, too.